Sara Mosley - Designer

I've always loved jewelry!  Whether I was playing dress-up as a kid wearing my moms jewelry,  making woven beaded jewelry as a teen ... or buying it for myself.  

​After a successful career in the textile industry, I was ready for a change.  Several years ago while packing for my move back to Philly, I found a long forgotten box of beads and stringing supplies!  It was just the thing to get me excited again!  I started designing for friends and family and custom requests soon followed.

My inspiration comes from many places, but particularly the colors and shapes in nature and architecture.  Semi-precious stones, pearls and ethnic beads are some of my favorite materials to work with.  As my interests grow - so do my "Collections" ... like my ChronosCollection of jewelry made from watch parts. 

The most satisfying part of the design and creation process, however, is seeing my jewelry come to life when worn by their new owners!

                 "Surround yourself with the style of Sakomo Collections!"


A little about me . . .

 Sakomo Collections

"s u r r o u n d    y o u r s e l f   w i t h   s t y l e"